Dr. Daniel Judge D.C.

Clinic Director: Birmingham

Dynamic Life Chiropractic was founded with the mission of teaching our patients how to build and maintain health, and in the process feel better than they ever have before! Dr. Dan Judge grew up in Ferndale and his wife grew up in Berkley.

After completing his undergraduate at University of Detroit Mercy and graduate school at Logan College of Chiropractic he had the opportunity to work with author and Upper Cervical Chiropractor Dr. Michael Lenarz in Mount Vernon, WA. While working with Dr. Lenarz, Dr. Judge’s wife had their first daughter and they decided it was time to return home to Michigan and the Detroit area.

Like many other chiropractors, he became a doctor of chiropractic because of the transformative effect it had on his own life. Even more powerful than his initial experience with chiropractic was the experience that led him to practice Upper Cervical care. During his last year of chiropractic school he began to have frightening and debilitating vision problems in his left eye.  He went to an optometrist, opthamologist, retinal specialist, then a neurologist. He had a MRI, nerve conduction test, and many other procedures. The final diagnosis was “All the tests were negative, but the symptoms fit with the onset of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).”

Throughout chiropractic school he had been receiving traditional chiropractic treatments but never the special type of care known as Upper Cervical Chiropractic. He sought out an Upper Cervical Specialist who confirmed that, indeed, his neck was out of alignment. After the first correction, his vision began to improve! Within three months, his vision had been restored to normal! Fortunately, the looming diagnosis of MS was incorrect and the debilitating problem was the result of a severe misalignment of his neck.

From that point on, he had established his purpose: to give other people the same opportunity to be happy and healthy that he had been given. His mission is to remove these misalignments in the neck and spine so that our patients can have a healthy, dynamic life!


Dr. Christopher Perkins D.C.

Clinic Director: Farmington Hills

Christopher Perkins D.C. completed his undergraduate studies at Grand Valley State University, earning a bachelor degree in Bio-Medical Sciences. His postgraduate training was attained at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, where he received his Doctorate Magna Cum Laude and graduated with a focus on Upper Cervical Chiropractic.  In addition, Dr. Perkins studied with the Titleist Performance Institute, examining physical limitations and screening techniques as they pertain to golf swing bio-mechanics and analysis, earning him a certification as a TPI Golf Fitness Instructor (CGFI).
The focus of the work done at Dynamic Life Chiropractic is on the relationship between the upper cervical spine (neck) and its influence on the function of the central nervous system. It’s this relationship that affects every aspect of human function, from the sensations in our fingers to our toes, providing our ability to move, think, breathe, even affecting our ability to heal.
“I feel truly privileged to be able to make a positive impact in the lives of the people in my community. Whether it’s helping a grandfather pick up his grand-kids for the first time or helping a newborn sleep through the night. Through upper cervical chiropractic I can help others realize their true health potential, and it’s an amazing experience.”

Chris and his wife Angie have a beautiful daughter named Sophia and 2 spoiled cats.  They enjoy simple pleasures: reading good books, taking bike rides or playing golf with family & friends.


Michigan Chiropractor

Dr. Kendra Bergmann D.C.

Associate Chiropractor: Birmingham

Kendra Bergmann, D.C. attended undergraduate college at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse to pursue the healing sciences.  She graduated with a double major in biology and chemistry.  Kendra continued her studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic- Davenport, Iowa.  Kendra has suffered from migraines since she was 12.  After trying every possible treatment under the sun, she found upper cervical care at Palmer.  She experienced immense relief and changed her focus to the upper spine.  Kendra, Justin( her fiancé), and Brutus (their wonderful Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy) moved to the great state of Michigan after she was offered a job to join the family at Dynamic Life Chiropractic in November 2013.  Although they reside in Michigan, you can always hear them cheering for the Green Bay Packers on Sundays.



Sadie Miller

Chiropractic Assistant / Massage Therapist: Farmington Hills

Sadie is the front desk CA at the Farmington office.  She has been there since the day the doors first opened and cannot imagine being anywhere else.  Working for a place and for a Dr. you  believe in cannot be beat.  She has a passion for helping people whither it be as small as offering a smile when you first walk in to helping you out with anything you may need office wise, she is there.  Sadie has been in the medical field for 16 years doing everything from being a physical therapy aide to front desk to medical billing, she has done it all.  She is also a nationally registered massage therapist and in whatever free time she has she is helping people out that way.

Sadie is busy juggling work and her amazing family, which consist of her husband Jason, her chocolate lab Harly and her cat Jake.  In her spare time she loves going to sporting event or spending quality time with her family.