Two years ago, my sister needed a wheelchair, when she got off the plane last fall, she was walking on her own and very strong. She told my family that she had discovered Upper Cervical Chiropractic in California and her debilitating Fibromyalgia was now under control and she regained most of her movement. She suggested that my children all receive care.

My entire family has been seen by Dr. Judge and here are the results of my special needs children:

15 year old son John: Suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, Mood Disorder and Depression. The most amazing result was in the evening. After his first adjustment, my son described the feeling of remembering things I know I learned, but didn’t remember how to do them. He said “Mom, I know I learned how to write in cursive, I just could not do it.” So I took out a pen and paper and I wrote his name in cursive and he wrote his name on the line below … in cursive. He has never, never been able to do this. His school is now giving him daily cursive worksheets and he is actively writing in cursive. The other huge issue was how “tall” John appeared. His measurements showed he physically only grew 1/4 an inch during treatment, but everyone commented “John looks like he grew three inches.” Dr. Judge was able to help with John’s severe neck problems and his new “posture” which is correct posture made that huge of a difference in his appearance. His mood improved dramatically. After treatment ended, John’s mood went down again. John was seen again and after another adjustment, his mood improved dramatically. Before seeing Dr. Judge, John complained of chronic back pain and headaches, these are totally gone now.

8 year old son Ben: Suffered oxygen deprivation at birth. At age three was diagnosed ECDD and began receiving treatment for physical, mental and cognitive delays. My major concern with Ben was his growing agitated behavior and heightened sensitivity, especially to sound. Dr. Judge had a very difficult time getting x-rays because Ben would thrash and cry. He would hold his hands over his ears all day screaming “The noise, the noise!” He has had severe hyper -sensitivity to sound, lights, tastes, and textures. We had begun using wax earplugs at school which helped a little. After the first week of seeing Dr. Judge, Ben’s hyperactivity slowed down. He was able to sit with me and do homework. After the second week of treatment, Ben’s intense hearing sensitivity stopped. As a mom, you can understand how HUGE this was for me. His behavior improved and he has been able to follow instructions clearly. He has not used ear plugs for three months. He now sits quietly and colors while awaiting his appointments. He used to thrash and lay on the floor crying.

My other two children have been seen as well and report no more back pain or headaches. I have been seen by Dr. Judge and my health issues have improved. After a snow-blowing injury, Dr. Judge immediately got me into the office after I called that I could not move my neck. Within minutes of my adjustment, the pain had stopped and I could move my neck normally.

I would highly recommend Upper Cervical Chiropractic for all families, those with special needs and those without. Dr. Judge’s care has made a huge improvement in my family’s health.


Laurie A. (Bloomfield Hills)